HamaraCloud DocuStorage is a document storage solution for organizations. HamaraCloud DocuStorage allows organizations to store their documents in HamaraCloud and access from anywhere in the world. Data is stored in redundant Storage networks and backed up offline.

HamaraCloud DocuStorage allows individual users to store documents and also share with other employees / users.

DocuStorage is a scalable, secure, easy cloud Storage solution and can be activated within 3 hours.

Service Description Unit Price per Unit
  HamaraCloud DocuStorage – Basic Edition - 1 Year 1 GB
  HamaraCloud DocuStorage – Small Business Edition - 1 Year 5 GB
  HamaraCloud DocuStorage – Business Edtion - 1 Year 10 GB
Commercial Terms and Conditions
  Delivery 3 Hours
  1. 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee
  2. 100% Data Protection
  Taxes 18% GST Additional (if applicable)
  Cancellation / Refund Policy Once order is placed, cancellation/refunds are not allowed.
  1. Online through HamaraCloud Payment Gateway
  2. NEFT / RTGS / IMPS to HamaraCloud bank account
Use your own domain name (e.g., supersales.com) or hamaracloud.in
Integrated turnkey solution with Hardware, Software, Security and Load balancer built in
User Interface: Web / FTP
Document Storage (Web Interface)
Upload documents
Create multiple folders / Sub folders
Create link (with expiry date) for sharing document
Email document link (with expiry date) to external users `
Bulk Upload of documents
Document Storage (FTP)
Secure FTP Server
Support for STARTTLS
Email alert on upload
Upload alerts per user
Web based FTP interface
Support for FTP Clients: FileZilla / WinFTP / WinSCP and more
TLS / SSL Security
Host / Network based Firewalls
Create / Delete users
Disable / enable users
Bulk addition / Deletion
Specify quota for users
Specify email address for upload alerts

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    You have the flexibility to use your own domain or use hamaracloud.in domain for your cloud services

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    We are committed to providing outstanding customer support for our services. Our chat support engineers are standing by to discuss any issues.

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