HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging is a messaging (Email and Collaboration) solution for organizations. With the aim of making Messaging universally affordable, with no compromise on features, HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging provides world class messaging to organizations.

Whether you are a One person organization or have millions of users, HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging is the ideal solution. With a service that is most affordable, HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging adjusts to your budget rather than the other way around.

UniversalMessaging is a scalable, secure Email and collaboration solution and can be activated within 3 hours.

Service Description Unit Price per Unit
  HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging - Standard Edition (HamaraCloud Signature) 100MB
  HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging - Basic Edition - 1 Year 100MB
  HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging - Small Business Edition - 1 Year 1GB
  HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging - Business Edition - 1 Year 5GB
  HamaraCloud UniversalMessaging - Enterprise Edition - 1 Year 10GB
Commercial Terms and Conditions
  Delivery 3 Hours
  1. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  2. 100% Anti Virus protection (for existing Viruses)
  3. Zero hour protection for new Viruses
  4. 99%+ SPAM Protection
  5. Less than 1 in 300,000 False positives
  Taxes 18% GST Additional (if applicable)
  Cancellation / Refund Policy Once order is placed, cancellation / refunds are not allowed.
  1. Online through HamaraCloud Payment Gateway
  2. NEFT/RTGS/IMPS to HamaraCloud bank account
  Use your own domain name (e.g., supersales.com) or hamaracloud.in
  Integrated turnkey solution with Hardware, Software, Security and Load balancer built in

Email features (Common)

AJAX Webmail POP/IMAP/SMTP Anti Virus/SPAM Auto Forward
Auto Reply Vacation Response Filtering rules Server side Filters
Advanced Search Multiple/Sub folders Personal Address book Report SPAM
Sender Alias Automatic Bcc of Incoming emails Automatic Bcc of outgoing emails Web based Administrator panel
Trash/Draft/Sent folders S/MIME Support SMTP Authentication Optional 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)
Internal Only Users Rich Text Format Editor Attach and Download documents from Emails Mobile Access

Collaboration features (Common)

Calendar Task / Todo List Notes
File Storage Document sharing FTP Access to documents

Optional Plugins

Edit/View Office Docs online using HamaraCloud Online Office Plugin
HamaraCloud BeThere Dedicated Room - Click here for more details
HamaraCloud MessageVault - Click here for more details
HamaraCloud DocuStorage - Click here for more details

Feature Matrix

Feature Standard Basic Small Business Business Enterprise
Storage for Mail 100MB 100MB 1GB 5GB 10GB
Storage for Documents 100MB 1GB 1GB
Global Access
Mobile access
Optional Enterprise Plugins
HamaraCloud Signature


TLS/SSL Security 100% Virus protection (existing Viruses) Zero hour protection (new Viruses) 99%+ SPAM Protection
Less than 1 in 300,000 False positives Host/Network based Firewalls Outbound SPAM Security with Alerts 7 Layer SPAM checks
Zero maintenance
Whitelisting of SPAM
No quarantine to maintain SMTP Authentication for Outgoing emails Reputation ensures 100% Email delivery

Get the Most Out of Your Solution

  • Use your own domain

    You have the flexibility to use your own domain or use hamaracloud.in domain for your cloud services

  • Tutorials/Configuration

    Our online documentation and tutorials is all that you need - right from signing up to configuring the services, our online chat support takes you one step at a time

  • Technical Support

    We are committed to providing outstanding customer support for our services. Our chat support engineers are standing by to discuss any issues.

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